Data Portal

Harness the power of
automated inspection data

The SkySpecs Data Portal serves as a single blade reporting solution for all the stakeholders in the wind industry. Asset Managers can see an overview of inspections of their entire fleet, while site managers can monitor their entire wind farm. Blade analysts can scroll through the images and edit existing annotations. Precise damage location provides the user with dimensions of any damage that is found. Over time, users will be able to measure damage progression and see their data in a consistent, machine-readable format. Data is flexible and secure.

Our customers can take advantage of our portal’s advanced functionality:

  • Analyzed inspection data in one spot
  • Sharp, consistent high-res images
  • Customized reporting
  • Simple, fast report generation
  • Location information for all images (blade distance from the root)
  • Images can be annotated to note current or possible future damage
  • Precise damage measurements
  • Zoom allows users to focus in on any area of the blade
  • All data in one place
  • Individual, secure logins
  • Reports that users can create and export
  • Timeline of turbine health for entire fleet
News & Events
SkySpecs was honored to accept the "Best Technology/Innovation of the Year​ 2017" award at the 9th Annual Wind O+M Dallas conference in Dallas.

As the only fully autonomous wind turbine inspection solution on the market today, we are pleased to bring our technology to a growing number of customers this year!

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