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SkySpecs CEO to take part in ‘Renewable Energy World’ Webinar, 6/30/2017

Join SkySpecs’ CEO Danny Ellis on June 30th, 2017, for a Renewable Energy World webinar.  The webinar, which also features Thomas Adams, VP/Power Business Development for ABS Group of Companies, Inc, begins at 10am EST and lasts an hour. The title of Friday’s discussion is, “Discovering the OpEx of US Offshore Wind Operations & Maintenance.”

With one offshore wind farm in place in U.S. waters and mandates for more offshore wind from East Coast states, stakeholders are watching this market carefully to understand when new projects will come online and what their price of power will be. How O&M costs will factor into those power prices is a critical issue for the industry to consider as the market ramps up. The REW webinar will dive into some of these factors and how technology figures into the bigger picture.

Register now and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in the conversation!